Seven hearing impaired children from our instituiton have passed the tenth standard examination. Shabari, Rini, Bindya, Srividya, Avinash, Murali and Sachin came to us when they were six to eight years old They all had speech and hearing problems and some of them were also emotionally disturbed due to family problems. All these children were taught the regular SSLC curricullum and they passed their 10th standared board examination. They were all given continuous speech therapy and spoken english classes which helped them to articulate better and this gave them the confidence to enter the mainstream. All these children are presently continuing their further studies in JSS Polytechnic college, Mysore in the fields of Computers, Electronics and Jewelery designing .

Two othe students from our institution namely Bhanumathi who was physically handicapped and Rajesh a slow learner passed the open school 10th standard exams. Today Bhanumathi is happily married and blessed with a three year old son. Rajesh is employed.