In 1996 the management committee of Kodagu Vidyalaya realised there was no facility for the 'Differently abled in Coorg. So the Opportunity School - Sahas, was set up within the Kodagu Vidyalaya campus. Since then it has been providing various therapies, functional and formal education and life skills for children with special needs. Over the years it has built awareness in the district and children who had been 'tucked away' appeared and their special needs and rights got recognized and addressed.


However the Opportunity School is striving to face two challenges for some time. One is how to raise funds - for existing and future programmes, and the other how to rehabilitate some of our older students. As 90% of the students come from economically weak sections no fees can be charged.


Thus the idea to open a store came up - it would provide employment for some students and generate income for the institution.


Fortunately, The Coorg Foundation proposed to assist any worthwhile scheme for the 'differently abled'. Our project was forwarded to them and they decided to support us. The first hurdle was accommodation and they very kindly permitted us to share the Tata premises, on M.G. Road they also provided us with various essentials to establish the store and so our 'pipe dream' to become a reality with Numbikay opening on the 12th of October 2007.


Apart from various items made by the students of the three special institues in Coorg, Numbikay has a number of gift items, linen garments, mementos etc. There are joy rides for children while their parents Shop! while the Opportunity School has no experience in this field we plan to make up with effort and commitment. We are determined to make it a strong support for the special children of the District. Soon, we hope visiting Numbikay will become a must for all visitors to Coorg and a habit for every resident.